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Various federal, state and local law enforcement agencies have discussed biometric scanning, and many have spent money on hand held devices. But the proposed uses are much more Omega Seamaster Professional

Detainees, applicants must submit to scans

limited, with questions being raised about constitutional rights of privacy and protection from warrantless searches.

But he stressed that biometric systems "can combat fraud and corruption, place law enforcement on a sounder evidentiary footing and greatly improve security."

Afghanistan, in particular, is a nation with no legacy of birth certificates, driver's licenses or social security numbers, and where there is a thriving black market in forged national identity papers. Some Afghans are concerned that the growing biometric database could be abused as a weapon of ethnic, tribal or political retaliation a census of any particular group's adversaries. Even Afghan officials who support the program want to take it over themselves and not have the Americans do it.

One thing made it easier. Just a month before the April jailbreak, Afghan officials, using Rolex Daytona Gold

Nike Sb Jacket White

Nike Sb Jacket White

Nike Sb Jacket White

In Afghanistan and Iraq, there are some complaints but rarely on grounds recognizable to Americans as civil liberties issues.

´╗┐is employing technology that never forgets a face

Nike Sb Jacket White

The concept of expanding biometrics for wholesale application on the battlefield was first tested in 2004 by Marine Corps units in Fallujah, a militant stronghold in Anbar province, Iraq. Nike Sb Jacket White The insurgent haven was walled off, and only those who submitted to biometrics were allowed in and out.

Nike Sb Jacket White

of eyes, photographs of the face, and fingerprints. In Iraq and Afghanistan, all detainees and prisoners must submit to such scrutiny. installations. A citizen in Afghanistan or Iraq would almost have to spend every minute in a home village and never seek government services to avoid ever crossing paths with a biometric system.

"This data is virtually irrefutable and generally is very helpful in identifying who was responsible for a particular device in a particular attack, enabling subsequent targeting," said Petraeus, who will soon retire as commander in Afghanistan to become director of the Central Intelligence Agency.

Within days of the breakout, about 35 escapees were recaptured at internal checkpoints and border crossings; they were returned to prison after their identities were confirmed by biometric files.

Nike Sb Jacket White

What is different from traditional fingerprinting is that the government can scan millions of digital files in seconds, even at remote checkpoints, using hand held devices distributed widely across the security forces. citizens.

One escapee was seized during a routine traffic stop less than two miles from his village. Another was recaptured at a recruiting station where he was trying to infiltrate Afghan security forces. While that is one of every 20 Afghan residents, it is the equivalent of roughly one of every six males of fighting age, ages 15 to 64.

Nike Sb Jacket White

Test run in Fallujah

Nike Sb Jacket White

Nike Sb Jacket White

Nike Sb Jacket White

technology provided by the United States, recorded eye scans, fingerprints and facial images of each militant and criminal detainee in the giant Sarposa Prison.

To get the information, soldiers and police officers take digital scans Klockor Rolex Stockholm

WASHINGTON When the Taliban dug an elaborate tunnel system beneath the largest prison in southern Afghanistan this spring, they set off a scramble to catch the 475 inmates who escaped.

"To be sure, there must be sound and responsible policies and oversight regarding enrollment and the storage, use and sharing of private individual data," said Brig. Gen. Mark S. Martins, commander of the military's new Rule of Law Field Force in Afghanistan.

In Iraq, an even larger number of people, and a larger percentage of the population, have been registered. Data have been gathered on roughly 2.2 million Iraqis, or one in every 14 citizens and the equivalent of one in four males of fighting age.

Nike Sb Jacket White

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